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Sunday, October 13, 2019

October 13, 2019

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)-pkresearcher

how to delete google account permanently

Google is the name we hear almost every day of our lives. Many people around the world are regular users of services like Google Search, Maps and YouTube, just to name a few.

But the company is limited to the web only. It's 2018 and you're off to a big search because it's everywhere. The fact that the entire SEO industry is focused on Google is just an example of how powerful Google has become.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

First, go to the on your google search chrome, After that, you search my account 

After that, you Will go data & personalization for "Delete Google account". And press the button so that you see the new window. After that, you will see a new window delete a service on your account.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

Second after clicking the "data & personalization" for "Delete Google account". A new window will be open and u will see the google service account if u want to delete your "youtube , Gmail account, Facebook". After clicking it a new will be open in front of u go to this tab, a new tab will be an id Block enter ur current that u will be deleted and don't forget the password of your google id.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

Third after enter your id and password for "Delete Google account" a new tab will be open in front of you  u can see the list of deleted accounts  you want to delete u can see in the picture these are the services of a "Google account". And if u want to know about the "Delete Google account" see the picture down below.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

If u want to delete google account permanently then u will click this tab. After clicking the tab again u enter your id and password for "Delete Google account"  u want to delete.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

After entering your id and password u want to delete there is a new tab will be open and for "Delete Google account" this tab will show you u that your account/service permanently deleted.

how to recover delete google account 

Delete a a google account is a little bit difficult and also recover a google account not easy today I tell u "recover delete google account".So who deletes your own google account for some reason but sometime later he/she wants back their data and uses it again. So they follow some easy steps to recover their Google account.

If you've succeeded in hitting the delete button, but quickly regretted it, make sure it's not the end of the road. You can recreate your Google Account using this official password after you provide details about your current password, answers to security questions, recovery emails and more.

What about my data??
You may be able to recover a deleted account as well as its data. But if you try to return your Google Account after some time, data recovery can be difficult, as Google has cleaned it

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)
First, open your Google browser for "recover delete google account" search and search recover google account. After search first, google you have to be open for "recover delete google account".After open, the site a new tab of account recovery of google will be open in front of you. After this enter your google mail entered in it which u would be recovered. After it would u asked for entering your password which you should definitely be remembered for "recover delete google account".
Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

After submitting your password and id if correctly entered. A new tab will be open in front of you and click continue after clicking continue your "delete google account"will be recovered hope so.

how to delete google  

an account from the phone

These days the burden of information can be so fast - and sometimes you need to arrange things to achieve peace of mind. Your device can help Delete a Google Account. But it is important to know what that means and what the consequences are before we go through it.

To start, deleting an account is not the same as deleting. Removing a Google Account from an Android account or iPhone device easily removes access to this device and can be restored later. However, any information stored in your account will be lost. This includes things like email, contacts, and settings.

Therefore, it's a good idea to repair your device before removing any news from the phone or any other phone

With that in mind here's how to remove a Google Account for cell phone holders.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

First, go to your google play services for "" then  after that open the play store you will see the left corner of your service (three bars) tab them after open this you will see your id and scroll down keep scrolling you will see the "Setting:".After opening your settings a new will be open in front of you " Account & privacy:"  scroll down and  click  "My activity " and open it.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

Second after opening my "My activity " a new tab will be open  "My Account " click it. After clicking another tab will be open "Account preferences" after opening it and scroll down at the last option you will be chosen "Delete your account or services" click it.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

Third select "Delete your account or services" new tab will be open "Delete google account and data"  after clicking it your google account will be delete .after deletion u can make a new account.

how to delete google 

account history

It knows you better than yourself. He knows every the smartphone you ever thought about buying, every coworker you tried to cope with, a dreadful, embarrassing illness.

This post will teach you how to set your Google history to help improve your Internet and prevent you from permanently following your search and search for information.

Delete Google account "how to do it" ?( Parmanent & temporary)

First, go to google browser for " Delete google account history" and go to the search bar and search "History". After searching a new tab will be open in front of u that is " Web & app activities". After open, you will see the

Right of your "three-dot tab" that you will be the click for Delete google account history.Click this tab and a new scroll bar will be open in front of you keep scrolling this tab and the Option delete:. After a click, your  history of google account will be deleted

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

September 22, 2019

5 Easy Techniques "how to make car" | easy way make any kind car|-pkresearcher

Make a car model 

A popular make car model among plastic models. If you are actually in a car, there may be many people who have once thought of buying a plastic model of the car they are on and trying to make. This time, I will explain make car plastic model based on the familiar automobile, from assembly to painting. Lastly, we will also introduce how to finish the glossy mirror surface body. Although it is a plastic model of a car that seems difficult to make, it is surprisingly easy if you grasp the points of how to make it, so please try it.

Automobile plastic models appeared in the 1960s, which was the dawn of domestic plastic models. In the 70's Super Carbone, many kits were released by each company, and even after half a century has passed since its appearance, it is a popular the genre that competes for first and second place among plastic models.

This time, we will explain the assembly points and painting while actually assembling Aoshima's “1/24 Suzuki Cappuccino” from such popular car plastic models.

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how to make a car at home easy

Every kid or every person who loves cars wants to make own car at home. So it is difficult to build a real-life world car for kids. So they make any kind of cars, Specially with motors, Rc cars, cars with paper, etc. But make a car at home not to much difficult task if u have money and definitely have money these conditions for if u make a car for one person. But u want to make RC, paper and any kidy car U have not too much money only skills and u guys make a car.

how to make a car with paper

Make a paper car is a difficult challenge because of the paper car, not a solid material and if u make a car u should very careful about it. Make a paper u have skill full

because its not a toy it is a beautiful showpiece which u make and definitely, u will be never even played or HAHA  give any child. U also have drawing skills to make the parts of the car. Although it is a paper car u have not to need any electrical types of equipment etc. Just have good quality cardboard markers, Scale, Scissor and colors for make car looks good

Make car at home with a motor


Make a car with motor is a difficult challenge because u have knowledge about electrical types of equipment. make a car with motor is very popular around the world even the adults also liked to make and play with them. Because of these are fast and they moved without any help, these kinds of qualities every liked and want to make a car with the motor. Today who want to make an effort. So make a with motor is more favorable for those who love the cars it is also called Rc cars

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Sunday, September 15, 2019

September 15, 2019

Top unknown Facts of 'The last czars' (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

The Last Czars Review

Top unknown Facts of The last czars (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

Many will know the history of the Romanovs either because they are part of world history or because they grew up watching that beautifully animated film that told the story of Princess Anastasia, who for years was believed to be alive. The truth is that the history of the Romanov dynasty is quite tragic and although it has its romantic passages, let's not forget that the Russian the imperial family ended up being killed without the possibility of a fair trial. Netflix has not been able to avoid wanting to get the most out of the famous life of this family and has recently released a documentary series, The Last Czars, where they narrate the last days of the imperial family. The Romanov the dynasty ruled Russia from the seventeenth century until in 1894 he ascended to the throne Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia

Top unknown Facts of The last czars (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

This czar was criticized for not knowing how to govern, for not being aware of state affairs, for not knowing how to react on time and not taking appropriate measures. Nicholas II was described as a man of a kinder character and passionate about his family. He married Princess Alejandra, one of the many granddaughters of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, and they had five children: the Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Zarévich Alekséi.

The history of the family was very marked by the bad decisions of the Tsar. In the first place, he decided to present his future wife to the people just after burying the previous Tsar, something that drew attention to a very superstitious society. When he assumed the throne, during the celebration of the town, a terrible stampede occurred where 200 people died due to lack of security. Another marked day was Red Sunday when 120,000 workers demonstrated before the Palace of Investor and imperial soldiers proceeded to assassinate a large number. And not to mention their participation in World War II, which only left them a large balance of victims and expenses.

But if there is an episode that drove the Romanovs away from their people, it was the obsession of the imperial family for the enigmatic Rasputin, who had a great influence on the empress? This issue is even pointed out as the drop that spilled the glass and caused that during the October Revolution of 1917, the tsars ended up being dethroned by the Bolsheviks.

All these events that marked the history of an entire nation are narrated in Netflix's Last Czars. There are six chapters of about 45 minutes long that not only shows us acted passages of what happened but also gathers the testimonies of historians about the time.

The Last Czars Of Russia

In addition to showing the rise to power of Tsar Nicholas II, his characteristic kindness when facing the problems that put at risk the stability of his country or his participation in World War II, 'The Last Czars' explores the Romanov family relationship, especially Empress Alejandra, with the enigmatic Rasputin. In fact, some historians point to him as the top litigator of the October Revolution of 1917, when the Bolsheviks definitely dethroned the tsars.

Top unknown Facts of The last czars (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

As we have said before, the events that are seen in the series are also commented on as a documentary by specialized historians at that time in question, which provides a much more subjective and profound vision of what happened. A formula that has conquered both the public and international critics, but that has "outraged" journalists and local experts for the alleged factual errors that it also includes. Far from all controversy, one thing is clear: 'The last tsars' is on its way to becoming one of the star series of the season.

Many criticize the production, which tells the story of Tsar Nicholas II and Rasputin, for his emphasis on sex scenes and for his historical inaccuracies, such as showing Lenin's mausoleum while he was still alive.
The life of Tsar Nicholas II has always generated fascination. The last czar of Russia, a man trapped by bad decisions and a crumbling empire, opened the way to communism with his incompetence and ended centuries of real history, which had begun with Ivan the terrible, back in 1533.

That is why he has always been surrounded by myths that are already part of popular culture, such as his wife's infidelity with the mystic Grigori Rasputin, the latter's influence on government decisions, Prince Alexei's illness (his heir) or the alleged disappearance of his daughter Anastasia.

That is why Netflix, in an effort to get closer to its audiences, decided to bet on a series that focused on its historical period: The Last Czars, which since this month is available on the platform.

In an innovative style, which mixes fiction with documentary, the series alternates the history of the Tsar, his family, and the monk Rasputin, with the opinions of experts and historians about that period. Historical errors and lots of sex But despite that effort to give academic weight to history, in Russia is quite upset and believes that the series is full of historical errors. "What is wrong with The Last Czars of Netflix ?: Everything," wrote, for example, the news site Fontanka in St. Petersburg.

Top unknown Facts of The last czars (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

And the show has several mistakes. From the basics, how to show the Red Square with Lenin's mausoleum in 1905, when he had not even come to power and was still planning the revolution, to show the walls of the red Kremlin when they were painted white at that time. Add to that several mistakes in the costumes and in the chronology of events. Synthetic garments, fake fur, and cheap jewelry appear, for example, as well as the image of an Armenian monastery instead of the monastery in the Urals that Rasputin used to visit. "After these matters, it is very difficult to take it seriously," says a review of the Russian newspaper Argumenty I Fakty.

Another thing that bothers the Russians is the excess of sex scenes of the royal couple, which shows the tsar as a man with little capacity for sex. On the wedding night, for example, you can see Tsarina Alexandra with her breasts in the air, telling Nicholas II: “You have to be strong! You are the Tsar, the master of the country! ”
Journalist Fyodor Krasheninnikov criticized another "disgusting scene" on Facebook when Czarina prays loudly begging for her son while making love. "The series will only please people who want to see the tsarina naked," says Argumenty I Fakty.

A big disappointment
In Russia, many have taken the series as a big disappointment, as they expected more from Netflix, taking into account the success of Chernobyl, HBO, which was very well received for its historical accuracy and for its precision in showing life in the Union Soviet during the years of tragedy.

Critics also highlight the cheap production, when it comes to a very rich dynasty that spent huge sums on luxurious and pompous acts and ceremonies and ornaments such as Fabergé eggs.

The Last Czars Netflix cast

The interest of Netflix and its users in historical series based on real event is a fact. After producing or including in its catalog titles such as the multi-award-winning 'The Crown', 'Marco Polo', 'Vikings', 'Los Tudor' or the Spanish 'Carlos Rey Emperador', the streaming platform has just released one of the miniseries most interesting and ambitious of the season: 'The Last Czars', which, as its name suggests, explores the end of the Romanov dynasty and the cruel murder of its members.

The series, which consists only of six episodes of less than one hour in duration masterfully rides between fiction and the documentary genre, offering users of the technological giant a new vision of this historical drama that continues to raise blisters and generate some spectacle between those who already know the details of the terrible event.

Thus, 'The Last Czars' moves the viewer at the beginning of the 20th century, when Tsar Nicholas II faced the germ of a revolution that would eventually end his entire family, composed of his wife, the Empress of Russia Alejandra Fiódorovna Románova, and his five children: Olga, Tatiana, María, Anastasia and Alexei. All this away from the speculations and legends that have also accompanied history during all these years.
Top unknown Facts of The last czars (Review , Netflix cast ....&Real life of Romanove Family )-pkresearcher

On July 3, Netflix released the series "Last Czars" about the Romanov dynasty. As was clear from the trailer, the creators set themselves an ambitious task - to make an almost documentary chronicle of the events of the last two decades of the monarchy in Russia.
Art scenes in The Last Kings are interspersed with interviews of experts and historians who explain to the viewer what is happening on the screen. Actress Suzanne Herbert, playing the role of Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in the series said in an interview that “this is a completely new kind of storytelling, the main advantage of this exciting and beautifully set story in the comments of world-class historians who explain the backstage details.” Drama occupies 80% of the time, and the remaining 20% ​​is a documentary.
The series was produced by Nootopia, which used to make a documentary series for History, CNN and National Geographic, including Humanity: The Story of All of Us, America: The History of the United States, and The Search for Jesus: Faith, Facts, Fakes.
All these factors and Chernobyl, which was still released at the beginning of June and amazed all the audience with attention to details and historical truth, raised the bar of expectations from The Last Kings very high. And, as it turned out, the show could not stay on it almost immediately.
Immediately after the premiere, the audience drew attention to gross blunders. To begin with, a mausoleum was spotted on Red Square in Moscow! The action in the series, recall, takes place in the early 1900s.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

September 08, 2019

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |


Every makeup lover has this heartbeat. And they would learn how to fix broken blush. You come up with an expensive palette of eye shadows that you just spent a good chunk of your payment squeezes out of your hands and bam! Your prized eye shadows are scattered throughout your bathroom.
But there is hope - no need to dump it in the trash while Carrie Mathison was still bitten. You can push the pallet back together again, and it's surprisingly easy to do. All you need is a rub of alcohol, a small container of Tupperware, a spoon and a piece of cloth or paper towels. And thanks to a Reddit user called Earworms, we have a step-by-step guide on how to repair a broken palette:

Repeating the pressure may make your product sold nice and new, but will it still show up the way it does on continuous days? Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller says yes and no. "Compressed dust cakes combine two things: oils that act as an adhesive to hold particles together, and the pressure that is applied to metal rods during the manufacturing process," he explains. "You can reconstitute how to fix broken blush a broken compressed powder cake with alcohol, but it is only a temporary, cosmetic solution. The cake will look as good as new, but it will not be subject to shock and vibration and new compressed powder. he compression ratio of the production process is necessary to prevent the cake from falling again. "And when you give the powder, Schueller says, 'the alcoholic method could affect the way the product goes to the face,' but that 'would be better than penetrating the product.' We say try before giving up hope and removing the pallet in the trash. If it doesn't work then we won't judge if you lose some tears.


Broken powder makeup (powder, eyelashes, or blush)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Combine all the broken for how to fix broken blush pieces of makeup in its original container, and crush the whole thing (even the parts that can't be broken).

Sometimes when in a hurry, you accidentally touch a blush container or powder and eventually fall and break. If it's like this, it must be very annoying, because you can no longer use it, and the blush that is destroyed will definitely be scattered and cause dirty everywhere. Are you adding to the problem?

Rubbing alcohol (high density, good- I used 70)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Add a few drops of alcohol dirt to the compact, and dry it. Use your finger, the back of a spoon, or something, really, to rub and smooth the makeup down. I used my finger for how to fix broken blush (which is still 10 hands wash slowly!), But I found that placing a piece of plastic wrap on top of the makeup and then smooth the makeup with a plastic wrap if the mixture was still very dry, then a little more alcohol. Add, and rub again.

 After completely crushed, pour with a little alcohol, mix evenly. Add enough alcohol until it becomes thick. Spread with a spatula until the surface becomes solid and smooth again. Clean the blush scattered on the edges of the container. Allow drying. Alcohol will evaporate by itself and make a solid blush again. Well, you can use your blush again as you can. No need to buy new again right

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Apparently there is an easy way to repair for how to fix broken blush damaged palette. The ingredients are quite easy to find, such as:
VHS paper Tissue Spatula/spoon Alcohol to taste Broken cosmetic palette The trick is also very easy, namely: Remove the contents of the palette from the container and place it on VHS paper Crush on top of the VHS until it becomes a fine powder/powder After it is destroyed you can return the powder to the palette little by little Flatten the surface slowly using a spatula and tissue Pour alcohol little by little. 


Plastic wrap (optional, but keeps your fingers cleaner!)

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Once all of your makeup is smooth again, all you have to do is wait, especially overnight. The alcohol is dry, and once your makeup is back to normal, and the alcohol smell goes away! The next day my blouse was perfect, and you can never guess that it was a horrible mistake the previous day!

how to fix broken blush | With simple tutorial & Pics |-pkresearcher

Later the alcohol will evaporate with the aim of hardening and uniting the contents of the palette with the container After hardening, press again with a tissue to flatten and absorb excess alcohol If it's evenly distributed, allow it to dry for 15 minutes and you can close the container. Well, how easy is not it? You don't need to bother to buy a new one. Good luck!


how to fix broken blush without alcohol

Before you get acquainted with the simple mysteries of restarting a broken pack or any other similar product (powder, blush, illuminator and so on) I will tell you how I got into this situation and ... how & who helped me get out of it with a smile on my lips. Yesterday I faced an existential problem of blondes (I admit). And he found out almost all of my facebook list about this and about the pursuits that followed. I recently took a magnetic pallet to arrange in it all the mono bales that I bought over time from Melkior, being uncomfortable using them in separate boxes and also occupying a lot of space in the wallet. And ... trying to get me to remove the first pill from the individual packaging ... I dusted it. Initially, I tried to remove the metal disk with the baler using a cutter, but it took only one wrong move and I removed the baler. 

  • Place the plastic on the eyeshadow, mash the eyeshadow with the handle of a butter knife until smooth.

  • Put a little alcohol on the eyeshadow to look wet, but do not let the eyeshadow flooded. 

  • Place a piece of tissue on top of the eyeshadow. 

  • Take a coin or box-shaped iron, place it on a tissue and squeeze the eyeshadow. This method will make the eyeshadow back solid. Do not immediately close the eyeshadow box, leave it open for a while to dry it. 

 Dry Nail Polish

Dry nail polish doesn't mean it can't be used anymore. Melt the nail polish by boiling a little hot water, if it is already boiling, turn off the stove. Place the nail polish bottle on the hot water and let it sit for one hour. 

For mascara and liquid eyeliner that dries, can be diluted by dripping eye drops or baby oil little by a little while stirring using a toothpick until you get the desired texture.

Monday, August 26, 2019

August 26, 2019

how to download videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

how to download  videos from Facebook on iPhone " Using 5 simple steps"

Nowadays everyone gets new, interesting and more viewed videos want to download and save to our phone. but YouTube may only have the option to save and support videos and Facebook Meb may require a special app. That is why I will teach you how to give your video and how to download videos from Facebook on iPhone

how to download  videos from facebook on iphone



how to download  videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

First, go to the app store of your iPhone or Android users go to to the google play store open my media for "how to download videos from Facebook on iPhone" After installation iPhone users go to the settings open home page and enter the link that u see in the second screenshot.


how to download  videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

In the Second step "how to download videos from Facebook on iPhone" open your app that u install in your iPhone. After open app go to u see the home page of the app and u will see the 


how to download  videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

In the third step open your browse media like youtube/facebook. After open youtube go for search your favorite video scroll down and select the video. So After search your video u will see the right side of ur video a "[:]" this kind of button click button and open an option bar in front of u...In the options bar in the bottom of u will see the "[Save]" option. After clicking the "[Save]" option and another option bar will be open in front of u. After open new options bar, u will see the "[Copy link]" Click "[Copy link]" and You copy a link into tour clipboard. Copy the link and open you're my media App in your iPhone.After open past here link which you Copy.


how to download  videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

In Four-step go to the search bar off my media app past here. After pasting the link "DOWNLOAD" u will See in front of u...Click the download button and save your video in your gallery.


how to download  videos from facebook on iphone " Using 5 simple steps"-pkresearcher

In this, the procedure is also same like as well as u see u follow up there "Click" share button of your facebook video. After clicking u will see the more option-click the "MORE OPTION" this button generate for u aa link which u will be to your clipboard and paste your link into the search bar of your "My media" app. 

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how to download facebook videos on android

There are millions of user of android and they are also use of facebook in daily of there routine. While using facebook they definitely watched the videos. And they would like to download videos in their android device. I will teach u how to download facebook videos on android

how to download facebook videos on android

Open your facebook browser paly your video. You see the right your sidebar arrow click it. After clicking the arrow a new options bar will be open in front of u... In the last option "Copy link" click the option and copy the link.

how to download facebook videos on android

Open your Google chrome and which you copy the link from facebook browser Past here

how to download facebook videos on android

After pasting the link in your Google browser facebook link will be open in front of u...That video which u download will be open in front of u...Then "hold+tab" the video after just second download option will be open in front of u...At last, click the download option and download the video in your gallery and enjoy it.

how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc

The easiest way of how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc.Today I will guide u, everyone who wants to download any kind of videos from Facebook without any software. Let's down below download how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc.

how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc

First, of fall, you go to the facebook to downloading your video. When the video is opened in your browser play it. And after you watched the video move your cursor on the video and click the right button. After clicking the button three option will be open in front of you [select] the option "show video url" .After copying your video link past your video link on your search bar and search
your video for how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc.

how to download videos from facebook on mac & pc

In the second step when your searched video is opened. After opening the video you want to download in your pc and mac go to the video move the cursor on the cursor on your video and click the right button . after clicking the right button more and more options will be opened in front of your in these such options you must be selected " save video As..."  click the option . after clicking the option A new bar will be a pop up in front of you which will be A save your video on your mac and pc. After new window is opened rename your video as you like and download into your pc and mac